How to prepare your artwork:

1. Bleed
To have your design printed to the edge of the sheets when cut down you need to set 3mm bleed all round. So if your finished job is to be A4 i.e. 210mm x 297mm you would need to ensure that the artwork is extended to 216mm x 303mm that would give the 3mm around each cut. To ensure that no text is cut off we advise that the text is left 5mm away from the cut edges
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We advise that all images are converted to CMYK for lithographic printing to ensure the highest quality reproduction

3. DPI (Dots Per Inch)
When using images please ensure that the images are 300dpi. Images taken from the internet tend to be only 72dpi so that when they are printed they look fuzzy

4. PDF's

Hi-Res PDF's are the best files to provide for printing though other file formats can be used such as jpegs, tiffs and eps. Ensure all fonts are outlined and that transparencies have been flattened

5. Black as a background
If you are using black as a solid background add 30% Cyan to the 100% black to give it a richer production. If you are using black as the colour of your text please make sure that it is set at 100% black to keep the text sharp