Types of Binding:

Saddle Stitch

Most common form of binding. Folded sheets are gathered into a cover and stitched together through the fold. It can only be used in documents up to a certain number of pages depending on the thickness of the paper.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is used where the document exceeds the number of pages that can be saddle stitched. It gives a flat spine on the side of the document which can be printed on making it useful for printing reference reports that will be stored on a library shelf. In perfect binding the sheets are glued into the spine of the cover with a strong flexible glue. Paper back books are a good example of perfect binding.

Case binding

This is where the printed pages are sewn together with thread and glued into a hard cover. Examples are hard back books.

Wiro binding

This brochure is wiro bound. Wiro binding is where the sheets are punched and a wire is inserted in through the punched holes to keep the document together. A major benefit of this form of binding is that it is possible to keep the document flat while open.