Types of Finishing

There are different finishing options that along with the different weights of paper and coatings will affect how the job looks.

Laminating: Gloss and Matt

Laminating is a process where a layer of plastic film is heat sealed onto the paper. It offers extra protection on the job and is usually used for covers on reports and magazines. There are 2 types of laminating: Gloss and Matt.

Spot UV or UV varnishing

Similar to laminating Spot UV is an Ultra Violet coating that is applied on a specific location of the printed sheet. It will only work on a coated sheet. It can be used in conjunction with matt laminating the rest of the sheet. It is most commonly used on logo�s or images.

Die Cutting

A die block is made which is a metal block shaped into the customers desired form. Paper can be cut in various different shapes and sizes using this process. The tabs in this brochure are samples of die cutting. Die cutting is also used in the making of pocket folders and circle shapes.

Foil Blocking

In Foil blocking a pigment or metallic foil (predominantly gold or silver) is applied to paper. In this process a heated die block is stamped onto the foil and the paper making it stick to the paper. It is sometimes used in conjunction with embossing giving a raised metallic surface.


Embossing is the process of raising an image or text using heat and pressure. In embossing a male and female die is used that squeeze the desired section of the sheet in the raised shape required.


Debossing is a similar process to embossing but recesses the image or text rather than raising it.